I don’t think runners normally talk about 5K runs. To most professional runners 5K is a cakewalk. But for someone like me getting back to serious running after a gap of seven years, the 2010 Highlands Ranch St Patrick’s Day run will always have special memories. The coolest thing, literally, about this run was the chilling temperature and the ice on the ground. The temperature chart at 9 am that morning, is proof. Had it been a perfect sunny day I guess this race would not have lasted long in my memory. But as a co-runner was saying to me, the challenge was to stay vertical and finish the race being vertical. So even though the sun was up and we ran with the shining snow capped mountains looming over us, we had to keep our eyes glued to the ground.


Thankfully laws of physics will not let anyone slide on icy surface if they were to run at my speed; I still couldn’t help feeling good at my finishing time of 41:39 minutes for the race. My pace came to 13:26 which was marginally better than my normal pace of 14 minutes per mile. I definitely owe it to the bubbling enthusiasm of my fellow group members from the Highlands Ranch Running Club. It is consoling to feel that you are not the only crazy soul in the area. But then at times we need to do crazy fun activities to feel more alive! And extreme running is simply one of them.