I have always considered Cherry Creek area as an upbeat shopping district – great eating joints and fantastic art at every corner. Even the furniture stores are like furniture galleries. Cherry Creek Sneak has kept up with the family friendly nature of the district and you would be surprised to see the number of kids running along with their parents.

Organized on the last Sunday of April, this race gives you three options – 5K, 5M and a 1M sprint. A 5M distance is nothing to brag about, nor is the time if you take 60+ minutes to complete it. However, I take a soft pride with the fact that I could actually accomplish it on a Sunday morning. Perhaps I could have finished about 3 minutes sooner, if I didn’t take my 90 seconds walking breaks after 2M and 4M.  3971 runners is a pretty big number and it’s important to get a good start. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get even a foot of empty space in front of me until the end of first mile. It gets a bit annoying when walkers are not in the correct lane even at the starting point. In a bid to pass people, I gathered that I was doing a 11 minute pace – by the time I came to the second mile. This was much faster than what I normally do. So had to slow down a bit. I enjoyed the 3rd mile onward – as I took my mind off the running and started getting into the “running meditation” mode.


Almost every progress that I have made should be credited to my instructors and my effervescent fellow runners of the Highlands Ranch Runners club. And of course, a very special mention of my new inspiration, Jackie, who finished her Boston Marathon 2010 with a timestamp of 3 hours 35 minutes. I feel intimidated at this point to think of a marathon. But then as Bart Yasso said (My Life on the Run) – “Running may be the connective tissue, but the true essence of the sport is a passage to a bigger world. So open the door and run through. Just don’t be surprised if you arrive in a place you only dreamed existed”.

So I am just dreaming along – not for a destination, but to enjoy the run to one!!