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My hunt for the ‘perfect venue’ to celebrate Tuhin’s 4th birthday party started way back in January. By mid-April I had researched pretty much every possible birthday party venue in Denver – Highlands Ranch Pool, Denver Aquarium, Elitchs Garden, Oogles and Googles, Amazing Jakes, local parks….you name it. I did not find a suitable venue that would meet all my requirements, but I did become an expert at planning kids’ birthday parties.

Ultimately, I came full circle and decided to have the party at home. Tuhin felt very special that so many friends had come over to celebrate his birthday. What made it more special was the Fun Bus that all the kids seemed to have enjoyed a lot. After a brief interval of cold wind, the sun appeared as a pleasant birthday surprise for Tuhin and his little friends. The kids played outside and adults chatted – it was lovely, just the way I had imagined. I realized that there is no place like home sweet home for making your guests feel ‘at home’.