I purchased the surfamily domain  more than three years ago and for three years it has been lying idle – perhaps waiting for the right time for the launch. Roma and I are happy to launch this web site on the occassion of our son’s (Tuhin) second birthday. Initially, I had intended to use the domain as a regular web site. But those of you, who are active in the blog world or would have read Tim O’Reilly’s essay What is Web 2.0 would understand the benefits of a blog site versus a regular web site.

As I see my son grow in moments, I try to collect the memories linked to them. Along with his changes, I can sense a little bit of me changing as well – often it surprises me how I land up in a conversation with some fellow buddies and engage in a discussion about our kids. We could go on for our hours. It is with that intent of sharing and getting information from friends and people out there in the webworld, that we have decided to make Surfamily a blog site.

Of course, we don’t intend to make this blog a mere parenting blog – but rather a blog that would share thoughts and events from our lives and be open to ideas from any family around the globe. They could be food and wine, outdoor life, how long it took your child to identify the first color and so on. With that in mind, we plant our roots in the cyber world and would reach out to all of you to make it grow…

Happy Blogging!!

ART (Abhi, Roma, Tuhin)